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Gourdel killed
by Hollande!

The tourist Hervé Gourdel is a collateral casualty of the Imperialist, Racist and Colonialist policy of the Western Barbarians since 1835!

They who sow Iniquity shall reap Calamity! (Proverbs, 22:8)

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind! (Hosea, 8:7)

Historical background:

Around 1835 the brilliant Civilized Modern Western Communities (France, England, USA), panicked by the « social question » posed by the new class of wage-earners, turned into Death Communities, and turned their advantage against the Rest of the World.

« If you want to avoid civil war, you must become imperialist » (Cecil Rhodes).

Since 1835, therefore, the West became Barbarian imposes its deleterious domination on every continent in the name of the « civilizing mission », or more hypocritically, on behalf of the « humanitarian duty to intervene ». False « Independences » only exacerbated the matter to the extreme, making the colonized more colonized and less sovereigns than ever!…

And of course, for 180 years, Western Colonialists call « Terrorists » all those who resist their Barbarian Colonialism!…

No wonder, then, that the hatred of the West is at its peak today all over the world!

What is to be done?

The Brand New People (BNP) has a platform « as easy as pie » to solve this problem! which can be summarised as follows:


 of the West: 

OUT of the 1/3 WORLD!

As long as we don't get to this point, we will have to suffer « our » (shaky-illegitimate) leaders’ unbearable verbal diarrhea, denouncing the « barbarism » of… their victims!…

No need to be « Marxist » to make a Duty to support the struggle of the Resistance to the Barbarian and Pagan West around the World!… It is sufficient to be of the Popular Masses!

Long live the Caliphate!


Shame on Occident!

Masculine Party (Friends-Brothers) of the BNP (Brand New People)
25 September 2014 – David –

Avertissement :

Nous vous rappelons que nous vivons en pays occupé :

"Les murs ont des oreilles...".